Residential Window Cleaning Special

Are you ready to get your windows cleaned?! 

I hope so because I have a special offer just for you but this is the only place you're going to see it so dont leave this page! 

First let me introduce myself

My name is Kyle, I started Geek Window Cleaning in 2007 and with spring time just around the corner I wanted to offer new customers a fantastic special so they can get a jump start on their spring cleaning! 










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We strive to make each and every customer happy and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you're not happy with our service, YOU WONT PAY.  I always tell our customers that we are actually a "Customer Service Company, that happens to clean windows and do pressure washing :)"

Ok so enough about me and the company, here's the special deal I want to offer you! 

But remember, this is the ONLY place you're going to see this offer, we wont even tell you about it on the phone if you call unless you order it right here.

Below is special pricing for a complete EXTERIOR ONLY window cleaning for your home.

Pricing is based off SQFT of the home - SQFT will be checked online via public information - 

- Offer expires 30 days after purchase

Pricing includes the following:

1. All of the GLASS on your home will be cleaned on the exterior - windows / doors / transoms, etc.

2. Regular screens will be removed and replaced 

3. Wipe down of all exterior window sills and frames

Pricing does NOT include the following:

1. Razor work - paint over-spray, tape, glue removal

2. Hard water / calcium build up removal

3. Solar Screens (the type that screw into the frame) or Storm Windows

After your payment has been processed we will call or email you to schedule your appointment, however, feel free to call us directly for any questions or to schedule your cleaning. We typically book a week in advance

Homes over 6500 SQFT please call for pricing

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