Is your grill ready for summer grilling?

Let us professionally clean it for you!

We use the latest low pressure, high temp, dry vapor steam cleaning methods that will not only bring your grill back to life but sterilize everything in the process. Afterward, we'll polish everything up so it shines!


A clean grill means clean food

Having your grill professionally cleaned provides:


1. Health Benefits - Remove harmful carcinogens that could be transferred to your food (including vermin droppings)


2. Extend BBQ life - Prevent future corrosion, remove current build-up


3. Attractive - We'll make your grill look like you just purchased it! 

Deep cleaning of...

Grill Racks 

Heat Plates

Interior of Barbecue

Exterior of Barbecue

Total Degreasing of...

Control Knobs
Pull-Out Trays
Igniter Switch

Want to know what it would cost to clean your grill? 

Give us a call right now at 713-581-4963 or send us an email to

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